This week we explore some online tools to help you do new things with data files, digital maps and multimedia story packages.

PART 1: Managing data files with PANDA

The PANDA Project set out to help newsrooms manage the multiple datasets gathered by various journalists inside an organization. We hear from developers about what the tool has to offer.

For more information about how PANDA works, click here.

For detailed instructions related to installing and managing PANDA software, along with access to the code (i.e. for the computer savvy and technically inclined), click here.

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PART 2: Data mapping tools

While Google Maps has its strengths, we look into some of the alternatives for creating more complex data maps.

  •" target="_blank">TileMill is a desktop application for designing custom web maps. Although the software is free, for best results you'll need some additional software and some internal staff expertise, as outlined in this introduction.

  • CartoDB is a web platform for building dynamic and interactive maps and has been used by other news organizations. Like TileMill, it requires some additional expertise to make full use of its capabilities.

  • Tableau Public is a free software tool for creating data maps as well as several types of charts. It's easier to use, but the graphics might not be as fully customizable as when using the more complex mapping options.

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PART 3: Assembling multimedia stories with Meograph

Meograph is an online tool for combining video, audio, maps, graphics, or images into multimedia presentations. We hear from CEO and Founder Misha Leybovich about using Meograph for online news.

A few examples:
TV station KVWM in San Diego used Meograph to explain the developments in the Trayvon Martin case, and to create a multimedia history of Whitney Houston’s life upon news of her death.

To learn more:
Meograph CEO and Founder Misha Leybovich discusses multimedia storytelling and explains how to use Meograph in this hourlong Poynter Institute News University webinar. (Watching the archived webinar is free but requires creating an account.

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Reuben Stern  
Director of NYC Partnerships


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