This week we explore a tool for building data visualizations without programmers, and we learn about a platform that helps get social media posts into TV news.

PART 1: Cloudstitch

Cloudstitch offers a streamlined way for journalists without sophisticated programming skills to create their own online data visualizations. Co-founders Ted Benson and Jake Lau tell us how it works.

Reporting by Tim Leible, Katy Mersmann, Reuben Stern and Rachel Wise.

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PART 2: Tagboard

Tagboard facilitates the integration of social media content into live broadcasts with a set of tools that help producers select and format the material. We spoke with Chief Media Officer Jenni Hogan to find out how Tagboard’s tools are being used on air.

Reporting by Raven Brown and Reuben Stern.

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Reuben Stern  
Director of NYC Partnerships

Rachel Wise  
Video Editor


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