This week we hear from a few newsroom editors about their experiences with ebook publishing, and we explore the potential for national and local journalism within the online community of Reddit.

PART 1: The value of e-books

As revenue models shift, many newsrooms are looking at e-books as a potential revenue stream. We spoke with editors at the Minneapolis Star Tribune and the Columbia Missourian about their experiences in creating and selling e-book content.

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Share your experience: Has your newsroom developed a strategy around e-books? If so, please share your experience with the rest of the industry by sending us an email or add to the comments below.

Looking to create e-books? Here are three tools your newsroom might use:

  • iBooks Author is free software for Apple computers to create books for Apple’s iBook stores. This program is multimedia friendly and can easily pull in pictures, .mv4-format videos and .mp3 audio files into pre-made templates. To use iBooks Author, you’ll need to be updated at least 2009’s Snow Leopard operating system. Best for: Apple users. Downside: iBooks can only be sold through the Apple iBookstore and viewed on Apple devices.

  • Kindle Direct Publishing enables publishers to create Kindle books in-house from Adobe InDesign content, HTML, XHTML, and EPUB files by using the Kindle Publisher tools. This 80-page guide gives the full details of how to publish with Kindle Direct Publishing. Best for: Distributing across platforms. Downside: Amazon’s (Kindle’s owner) gets exclusive rights to sell the e-book in their store for 90 days. After that, you can sell the book in other stores or on your own site.

  • Adobe Creative Suite ePub enables creation of e-books directly in Adobe InDesign (version 5.5 or higher) via direct export of files in the .epub format. This gives news organizations the ability to sell e-books in their own online stores. Best for: Designers who are already familiar with InDesign. Downside: Requires some more advanced design knowledge and time to design.

PART 2: Journalism inside Reddit

Mathew Ingram, a senior writer for GigaOM, says the social sharing site Reddit enables the world to see the kind of verification process that goes on inside newsrooms. We hear from Ingram about how journalists might better expand their work into the Reddit world during big breaking news events. We also hear from Scott Pham, content director at NPR-affiliate station KBIA in Columbia, Mo., about how Reddit might fit into a local news strategy.

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