This week we see how CrowdTangle identifies stories that are capturing attention in social media, and we learn how Shindig hosts large-scale online discussions that mimic a live event.

PART 1: CrowdTangle

Using CrowdTangle, newsrooms can see which stories are doing better than others on various social media platforms. We find out how it works from Director of Accounts Lauren Wright.

Reporting by Berkeley Lovelace.

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Additional information:

About half of CrowdTangle’s users are media companies, including “BuzzFeed, Vox, the Huffington Post, CNN, NBC, USA Today, ESPN, MTV, National Geographic, and yes, Fast Company,” according to a Fast Company article that also includes several examples of stories identified by the tool.

PART 2: Shindig

Shindig is an online video chat platform that gives users the ability to speak directly to a chatroom host or to have separate chats at the same time with fellow audience members. Founder and Chief Executive Officer Steve Gottlieb tells us how the technology enables a different kind of online group conversation.

Reporting by Daniel Shapiro.

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