This week we try out a photo app that captures three-dimensional space, and we show you another option for live-streaming mobile video.

PART 1: Fyuse

Somewhere in the middle of still photography, video footage and virtual reality is what the founders of an app called Fyuse are calling “spatial photography.” The end result is an interactive image that puts the viewer into the scene. Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Radu B. Rusu tells us how the app differs from other visual tools.
Reporting by Raven Brown.

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A few examples:

We decided to try Fyuse to capture some behind-the-scenes images inside our studio. The app gave fairly clear directions upon initial launch, although we tried a couple of different takes before we were happy with the first example shown here. The total time spent on download/installation of the app, shooting these images, waiting for upload and processing, and sharing out links to the images was maybe 15 minutes or so.

Example 1: Arc shot
Host Reuben Stern records our show in the Futures Lab studio at the Reynolds Journalism Institute.

Example 2: Panorama
RJI Studio Director Travis McMillen and Futures Lab host Reuben Stern film an episode of our weekly update.

PART 2: Rhinobird

Joining a growing field of apps for live-streaming mobile video, Rhinobird offers similar capabilities along with a structure designed to help viewers more easily find related videos. We get details about the platform from co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Felipe Heusser.
Reporting by Raven Brown.

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Reuben Stern  
Director of NYC Partnerships

Rachel Wise  
Video Editor


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