This week we explore some online tools to connect newsrooms with freelancers, learn more about digital subscription models and hear from experts about nurturing innovation inside an organization.

PART 1: Freelancer tools

With newsrooms turning more frequently to freelance reporters, we look at two online tools that can help editors find and manage outside content: Ebyline and Newsmodo.

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For more information about Ebyline, including links to recent media coverage, visit the company's About page.

For more information about Newsmodo:

Newsmodo's freelance marketplace "hints at future of journalism," according to And the site is "part marketing tool for journalists and part content trove for news outlets," according to AJR.

Changes in the media landscape brought about the development of Newsmodo, as founder (and former TV journalist) Rakhal Ebeli explains in this conference session video from the International Journalism Festival held in Perugia, Italy:

PART 2: Digital subscription models

What can news organizations learn from companies like Netflix, Pandora and others whose business depends on digital subscriptions? Reynolds Fellow Matt Sokoloff explains some of what he found through his research into online business models. [To skip directly to this segment in YouTube, click here.]

For more details:

Sokoloff says news companies should start implementing tactics that have worked for e-commerce sites, which include customer acquisition marketing. He explains the recommendations in more detail in this RJI Tech Showcase presentation from earlier this year:

(You can also read a recap of the presentation here.)

PART 3: Encouraging innovation

Four experts on innovation share ideas about what it takes to make innovation flourish inside an organization.

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  • Robert Atkinson, founder and president of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation

  • David Horth, senior fellow at the Center for Creative Leadership

  • Tim Jones, founder and program director at Future Agenda and author of eight books on innovation and business growth

  • Beth Polish, former director of corporate innovation and senior vice president of Hearst Interactive Media

Reuben Stern  
Director of NYC Partnerships


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