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This week we explore a new Google tool for creating immersive wrap-around multimedia; and we look at some mobile apps that capture 3-D imagery.

PART 1: Story Spheres

One of the latest things to come out of Google’s News Lab is Story Spheres, a tool for creating wraparound interactive experiences. Story Spheres enables users to place audio clips inside 360-degree photos. We learn how it works from Nicholas Whitaker, media outreach manager at Google.

Reporting by Daniel Shapiro.

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A team from the Washington Post used Story Spheres at several locations during New York Fashion week. As the Post’s Cara Kelly explains, getting the images just right can be a challenge, especially during a large, crowded event.

Additional examples can be found on the Story Spheres website.

PART 2: Mobile apps for 3-D

Emerging mobile apps have made it much easier to create and share 3-D imagery. We explore a few options that add dimension to photography in new ways: Seene, 3DAround, and Fyuse. Reporting by Andrew Hébert.

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