This week we see how aerial drones are being fitted with 360-degree video cameras, and we learn how an anonymous social platform might help with news coverage.

PART 1: 360-degree drone video

Working as a fellow inside the BuzzFeed Open Lab, Ben Kreimer is finding new ways to capture 360-degree footage from aerial drones. We visit him in the lab and get a peek at his work.

Reporting by Berkeley Lovelace Jr.

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Additional information:

The BuzzFeed Open Lab is recently launched research unit that aims to test out and share open-source solutions with the industry. It offers fellowships designed to bring in innovators from areas like the arts, technology or journalism to pursue interesting ideas in the context of media. Selection of the next set of fellows will happen in spring 2016. More information about the projects Kreimer has produced is available on his website.

PART 2: Reporting via Yik Yak

Yik Yak is an anonymous social platform that offers a location-specific way to share information and see what people are talking about. Co-founder and CEO Brooks Buffington tells us how the platform might be useful for journalists.

Reporting by Haley Reed and Daniel Shapiro.

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