This week we explore options for editing video on mobile devices.

Several mobile apps offer full-featured editing functionality to rival desktop software, but in some cases a simple interface for rearranging clips might be the best option. Our colleague Judd Slivka walks us through some of the best mobile video editing apps to help you pick the right one for various journalistic uses.
Reporting by Reuben Stern and Rachel Wise.

The apps:


  • FiLMiC Pro — This is primarily an app for shooting video (with far more sophisticated controls than other camera apps), but it also enables users to make adjustments to the footage afterward. The iPhone version was completely redesigned for iOS 9 in the fall and was updated in January to include Apple Watch integration and the ability to pause and resume recording into a single video file, among other improvements. An Android version launched in December.
    Price: $9.99
  • iMovie — The iPhone’s native video editing app includes a smooth interface along with multiple tracks, pre-set themes, video filters and tight integration with the native Photos app. Video projects can be edited in the desktop iMovie version using AirDrop or iCloud Drive to transfer the material from the phone.
    Price: $4.99
  • Pinnacle Studio — This comprehensive video editing tool for iPhone or iPad includes multiple audio tracks, titles and graphics and the ability to add voiceovers. Finished videos can be exported on the phone, or entire projects can be exported for further editing in more advanced versions of the company’s software.
    Price: $2.99, or $12.99 for the more full-featured Pinnacle Studio Pro version
  • Videolicious — Tailored for media organizations, this app offers an easy-to-learn interface. The free version limits the total length of each video (1 minute) and the number of shots that can be included (up to 10). The full-featured enterprise version removes those limits and includes additional things like custom branding, lower-thirds titling, and integration with various content-management systems.
    Price: Free limited version for non-commercial use; enterprise pricing is based on the specific implementation
  • Clips — A super-simple editor for combining, trimming and rearranging clips into a finished video, with the ability to add music or voiceover.
    Price: Free
  • KineMaster — This Android-only app is one of the best options for that platform. It offers a wide range of features including multiple video layers, animation and transition effects and audio adjustment.
    Price: Free to download, but a monthly subscription (paid via in-app purchase) is required to keep using the app

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