This week we explore how is crafting successful video for its Facebook audience, and we find out about a new technology that could help connect teams of journalists as they cover the news.

PART 1:’s Facebook video

A video commentary about Donald Trump featuring’s editor Ezra Klein racked up more than 38 million views and half a million shares on Facebook in less than six weeks. We find out from team members at how that successful example fits into a larger strategy that looks outside traditional metrics to figure out what kind of video works — or doesn’t — on individual platforms.
Reporting by Katy Mersmann and Rachel Wise.

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PART 2: Onyx by Orion Labs

A San Francisco-based startup has created a clip-on, real-time voice communication device that might help teams of journalists converse with each other more easily. We sat down with Jesse Robbins, founder and CEO of Orion Labs, to find out where the technology is headed.
Reporting by Berkeley Lovelace, Blair Ussary and Reuben Stern.

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Additional information:

Orion is taking pre-orders for the Onyx on its website, with shipping expected to start in June. The device is sold individually or slightly discounted in packs of two or 12. The company recently raised $9 million of investment funding, according to Venture Beat.

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