This week we hear about trends shaping news in the future from the vice president of news and finance for Yahoo, and we learn about a startup aimed at providing news and information to "the change generation."

PART 1: Looking forward with Yahoo's VP of News and Finance

Rob Barrett, vice president of news and finance at Yahoo, gave a keynote presentation at the Reynolds Journalism Institute last week in which he outlined several trends likely to shape the media landscape over the next five years. We present some of the highlights from his presentation, along with a studio interview in which Barrett tells us more about Yahoo's approach.

Reporting by Teddy Nykiel and Reuben Stern.

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Additional information:

Here is video of Barrett's full presentation, given on Sept. 10 as part of RJI's Five Years Past... Five Years Forward event:

In the presentation, Barrett explains in more detail how better monitoring of social media could help news organizations spot breaking news and decide where and when to dispatch journalists. He also outlines how news organizations could strengthen their niche as verifiers of information. In the audience Q&A later in the video, he also touches on personalization, audience engagement, product development and election coverage.

A text recap of Barrett's presentation is also available here.

PART 2: Ozy Media

A news and information site called Ozy launched this week, hoping to distinguish itself from other news outlets by reporting on things "months before you hear it elsewhere." We learn more about Ozy from the site's founder, former MSNBC anchor Carlos Watson.
Reporting by Laura Davison.

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Additional information:

As Mashable reports, the concept for Ozy is similar to the Stimulist, a startup Watson launched in 2009 and later shut down; and Ozy is backed by several big name supporters including Laurene Powell Jobs (widow of Apple founder Steve Jobs), David Drummond (chief legal officer at Google) and angel investor Ron Conway. Watson and Powell Jobs previously founded a nonprofit together, according to this report from the San Jose Mercury News.

Key elements of Ozy's approach include innovative design, a global perspective, transmedia storytelling, and reports on interesting university research that often doesn’t gain exposure outside academia... and also, as RJI's Brian Steffens observes, creative turns of phrase. (Business Insider's Alyson Shontell sheds additional light on Watson's past, his way with words and his plans for the site.)

A press release about the site's launch can be found here, and more information is also available on the Ozy "What It Is" and welcome pages.

Reuben Stern  
Director of NYC Partnerships


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