In this episode, we recap a couple of highlights from last week's NAB show and learn about an app that enables personalized newscasts on mobile devices. We also explore the challenges and opportunities of building a specialized reporting hub around a single topic.

PART 1: NAB show wrap-up

Highlights from the National Association of Broadcasters NAB show last week included the release of 4K, a.k.a. ultra HD, technology that quadruples the pixel count of existing high-definition video. Also noteworthy was the announcement that the Fox TV Network may be considering a switch from broadcast airwaves to cable-only as it fights to block services like Aereo from distributing broadcast content to mobile devices.

PART 2: Personalized video newscasts

With so much video news being delivered online, tools are springing up that enable individual viewers to create their own personalized newscasts on their mobile devices. Watchup is one of the leaders in that area. Founder and CEO Adriano Farano (@farano) explains his vision for sharing news video in the “post-PC era.”

This how-to video explains how Watchup works for users.

Dylan Wilby at AppPicker calls Watchup “the smartest, most efficient way to watch video news” in this review.

Farano says Watchup is like a “Hulu for news junkies.” (Nieman Lab)

PART 3: Single-topic information hubs

Some news organizations hope to grow by covering a specific topic area of regional or national interest. We hear about the opportunities and challenges from two of these organizations: Harvest Public Media, which focuses on agriculture and food issues; and the Deseret News, which hopes to become a national source of stories about faith and family.

EXTENDED INTERVIEW: Deseret News Editor Paul Edwards explains how his team chose to focus on enterprise reporting on faith and family:


EXTENDED INTERVIEW: Harvest Public Media Editor Donna Vestal talks about the challenges of sustaining Harvest Public Media once the organization’s initial funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting runs out in September:

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