This week we learn more about where the news business may be headed from several people who keep watch on the news industry.

PART 1: Trends in the news landscape

The experts we spoke to say future success relies on providing high quality content while positioning news organizations in multiple places of engagement with audiences.

Interviewees include:

* Practical Futurist Michael Rogers

* Reuters Institute Director of Research Robert Picard

* Executive Director of the American Press Institute Tom Rosenstiel.

Additional viewing:

Tom Rosenstiel spoke at RJI on Thursday, March 7, 2013. In that presentation, he explained where news audiences are taking journalism and gave some ideas for moving forward:

PART 2: Encouraging interaction

Anjali Mullany, the senior editor for digital and social media at Fast Company magazine, says it’s in the best interest of news organizations to encourage real-life interaction with and among readers.

Additional information:

Mullany recently asked her readers to help create a list of things that get in the way of successful innovation: "Innovation Fails Because ______________."

She suggests that news organizations can learn from what consumer brands are doing with content, since the goal of those campaigns is to create content interesting enough that users would pass it along to others. So here are 7 Branded Content Campaigns That Got It Right In 2012 (Ad Age).

PART 3: Keeping readers reading

Ryan Singel went from covering start-ups at Wired Magazine to launching a news-related start-up of his own. He says the future of the news business will rely on delivering immersive journalistic experiences.

Additional information:

Founder Ryan Singel demonstrates how Contextly can be used to pull together related materials within a content-management system in this video:

For more information about how it works, you can visit the Contextly website.

Reuben Stern  
Director of NYC Partnerships


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