This week we learn about CNN's new tablet app, CNNx, which combines material from on-air and online. We also explore a few tools for managing a newsroom's social media presence.


CNN recently released a new iPad app, called CNNx, that merges the live broadcast feed and additional online content into one viewer-controlled experience. CNN’s News Futurist Victor Hernandez tells us about the app’s features and development.

Reporting by Paige Hornor.

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Additional information:

In his evaluation of the new app, CNN's Senior Media Correspondent Brian Stelter says CNNx "makes television news more user-friendly" but that "CNN needs to get more cable and satellite distributors on board." He also explains how an app like this fits into the relationship between the network and the cable TV operators. You can also watch CNN's promotional video for the app.

PART 2: Social Media management tools

Sprout Social and SocialNewsDesk are two of the many social media management platforms designed to help companies manage their social media presence more effectively. We hear from executives at both companies about how tools like these may be helpful to news organizations.

Reporting by Tatiana Darie and Reuben Stern.

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A few other social media management tools:

  • Buffer allows users to keep a consistent social media schedule all week by scheduling content across multiple platforms.
  • HootSuite offers a variety of services ranging from managing unlimited social profiles, tracking conversations, measuring results and running multiple social media accounts from the same dashboard.
  • Tweet Deck allows users manage their Twitter feeds. The tool is available for Chrome browsers as well as Windows and Mac desktops.

Reuben Stern  
Director of NYC Partnerships


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