This week we see how Tagkast is getting brand messaging into photos shared in Facebook, and we learn how Inside Social works to find influencers and track the way content moves through social media.

PART 1: Branding photos with Tagkast

Tagkast is a social media marketing company that helps advertisers turn photo sharing on social media into branded content. The result: People share photos of themselves stamped with company messaging. Futures Lab reporter Tatiana Darie visited the Tagkast office to find out how it works.

Reporting by Tatiana Darie.

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Additional information:

Tagkast has photographers attend live events to take pictures of groups of people. Attendees are then asked to log onto their Facebook accounts and post the pictures with embedded advertising of a company’s brand or logo to social media for no charge. Tagkast charges marketers for each person tagged in the picture if a company uses Tagkast’s staff and equipment; or companies can pay a monthly fee to just rent the technology.

PART 2: Tracking influencers with Inside Social

Social media success often relies on "likes" or "follows," but Seattle-based Inside Social helps companies identify influencers and track the way their messages move across social networks, in particular linking what happens in the social space back to a company's presence on the Web. Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Brewster Stanislaw explains how Inside Social goes about measuring things differently.

Reporting by Colin Hope, Reuben Stern and Olga Kyle.

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For more information:

Inside Social regularly posts ideas related to social media marketing on its blog.

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