This week we explore a new way to understand audience behavior developed by the American Press Institute; and we learn about a tool called Desk-Net that helps newsrooms manage staff and stories across platforms.

PART 1: Metrics for News

The American Press Institute has developed software that enables news outlets to better understand which types of stories succeed and which don’t. The creators of the system say the resulting data can lead to a more informed editorial strategy.

Reporting by Katy Mersmann, Reuben Stern and Rachel Wise.

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The Metrics for News software is part of a three-step program developed by API to help newsrooms integrate a more data-driven approach to editorial decisions. In this previous Futures Lab report Tom Rosenstiel, executive director of the American Press Institute, makes the case for more carefully monitoring audience behavior and shifting products to match the audience’s interests.

PART 2: Desk-Net

Desk-Net is a digital system designed to help newsrooms manage story assignments as well as track pieces set to publish across various platforms. We hear how it works from founder Matthias Kretschmer.

Reporting by Allison Prang, Rachel Wise and Reuben Stern.

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Small Business Trends offers a helpful list of similar editorial management tools (follow the link and scroll about halfway down). It includes, Trello, Asana, and several others. In this piece for TheMediaBriefing, Kretschmer spells out the workflow problems many newsrooms face and says the ever-increasing complexity “will likely lead to a loss in both quality as well as efficiency.”  

Reuben Stern  
Director of NYC Partnerships

Rachel Wise  
Video Editor


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