This week we see how Al Jazeera is targeting a young mobile audience with its new smartphone app AJ+, and we learn how two journalism industry organizations are partnering to foster new engagement ideas that encourage more diversity.

PART 1: Al Jazeera’s AJ+

Al Jazeera’s new smartphone app, called AJ+, delivers news using topical stacks of cards, short video clips and explainers. It is designed to engage its audiences through their social media connections and test their knowledge with occasional quizzes. We learn about the strategy behind the app from Yaser Bishr, executive director for strategy and development at Al Jazeera.

Reporting by Tatiana Darie.

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The AJ+ app is available for both Apple iOS and Android phones.

PART 2: The Engagement Hub

The American Society of News Editors and the nonprofit Journalism That Matters are working with three news organizations to develop ways to improve audience engagement around diversity. The goal is to help newsrooms help each other as they find new and better ways to reflect their communities.

Reporting by Allison Prang, Rachel Wise.

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For more information:

You can follow the effort and be part of the conversation via The Engagement Hub website. Each of the three participating news organizations has a website related to the project:

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Rachel Wise  
Video Editor

Reuben Stern  
Director of NYC Partnerships


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