As we look forward to another year of journalism innovation, it’s a good time to look back at the most popular Futures Lab updates you might have missed.

Here are the top 10 most-watched Futures Lab episodes from 2016:

  1. FL 149: Technology forces shaping the future — In this episode we learn from Kevin Kelly, senior maverick at Wired magazine, how technology may reshape the delivery of news and information in the coming years.
  2. FL 161: 5 tips for email newsletters — We look at five innovative approaches to delivering newsletters, inspired by Clover Letter, BuzzFeed and TheSkimm.
  3. FL 138: Mobile video editing apps — For this update we walk through some of the best mobile video-editing apps to help you pick the right one for various journalistic uses.
  4. FL 158: News organizations using Facebook Live — We look at how news organizations can make the most of Facebook Live.
  5. FL 160: Visual storytelling apps from Adobe Spark — For this segment we look at Spark, a bundle of visual storytelling apps from Adobe that can enable journalists to create webpages, social graphics and animated videos.
  6. FL 171: IBM Watson Speech to Text — In this episode the Futures Lab examines IBM Watson Speech to Text, a service that uses machine intelligence to convert the spoken word into written transcriptions. Specifically, we look at how Pietro Passarelli, a Knight-Mozilla Fellow at Vox Media, has integrated this technology into an open-source tool that can turn video interviews into edited stories.
  7. FL 148: Resources for virtual reality immersive storytelling — We get some advice for newsrooms that want to experiment with virtual reality stories, and we learn about a new VR editing tool being developed specifically for journalists.
  8. FL 173: Comparing live-streaming apps — For this update we compare three different live-streaming services — Facebook Live, Kanvas for Tumblr and Periscope.
  9. FL 140: Behind the scenes at Quartz — We go inside Quartz and find out how newsletters, video and a constant focus on the target user have helped the operation attract and maintain a highly engaged mobile audience.
  10. FL 172: Engaging News Project — We learn about the Engaging News Project, an initiative to show that analytics data can do a lot more than just help newsrooms attract audience.

Rachel Wise  
Video Editor


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