“Is Circulate the Geritol the news industry needs?” Content Bridges, July 7,2009Think of it as updated Geritol, a tonic for an industry with tired blood.

Its founders call it Circulate, and it's the latest "solution" to address the woes of newspapers. It aims to get the blood flowing -- online -- by re-directing readers to more like content, newspaper content, by and large. If you haven't heard much about it yet, it might be because we're experiencing some early summer media fatigue. In addition, we've lately heard an alphabet's soup of "paid content" solutions. Much publicized was the NAA Chicago fly-in for publishers. There, Journalism Online, Attributor and ViewPass all participated in a Q and A, the better to keep anti-trust concerns away. Since then, the  principals of each of those companies have been kept busy, pitching individual publishers; call it Newspaper Roadshow.

CircLabs, the Palo Alto-based, for-profit start-up behind Circulate, has been a tad less publicly visible. It, too, though, presented its vision for saving the industry, first to a gathering of a dozen or so newspaper and magazine honchos a couple of weeks ago, and then again last week, by phone, through NAA's "Paid Content Task Force."

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