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Futures Lab Update appNewsroom leaders can now access insights into integrating new technologies and fostering innovation in their newsrooms at home on the couch, in the break room with colleagues or on their way to a meeting via a new iPad app.

The weekly RJI Futures Lab video digest is developed and created at the Reynolds Journalism Institute and the Missouri School of Journalism. Learn more about show content and how the video digest came to be by clicking here.

In each week’s app update, viewers can watch the videos along with supplementary material related to the video content.

The app gives news leaders more options when choosing where and how to view the Futures Lab program.

“We wanted people to consume this content in whatever way is best for them to do it,” said Reuben Stern, Futures Lab host and co-producer. “We recognize that some newsroom leaders are going to want to watch this at home, outside the office.”

How to view/download

Futures Lab Update app screenshot 2The Futures Lab app is available in the iTunes Store and the iPad Newsstand. The iPad app offers notifications to let users know when new content is available. The RJI team hopes eventually to offer an app for other mobile operating systems.

The videos are also posted online. Click here to watch current or archived episodes.

Have suggestions or feedback on making the Futures Lab app more useable? Please email us at

Thoughts from a focus group

A small focus group, which included news leaders from a handful of companies from mid-Missouri, reviewed the program and shared their thoughts.

  • I did like the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) wrap-up … I don’t get to attend many of those conferences, so this was a way for me to feel like I got all the useful information. – public radio news director
    • (Note: In addition, if you missed the South by Southwest media conference, click here to view wrap-up stories.)
  • … I think … that ten-minute timeframe is perfect… - magazine editorial director
  • I was impressed that you weren’t just going to some mouthpiece for an agency, but finding the founders or the people who were really behind some of these technologies and apps…. – magazine editorial director
  • “Use this (video digest) as an opportunity to get your staff together for lunch or some other activity, with this playing you could do this in half an hour, have good bonding time with your staff and learn things.” – newspaper executive editor

Jennifer Nelson-Pallikkathayil  
Senior Information Specialist


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