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... Hope For Local News

The newsrooms I work with on a daily basis are bullish about the future of local news and they approach their work with hope, passion and a fiery commitment to their communities. In a piece titled, “Is There Hope for Local News” Alana Semuels of the Atlantic profiles Tim Redmond, the former editor of the recently shuttered San Francisco Bay Guardian, and Paul Bass of the New Haven Independent. The long piece really captures the passion communities have for local news, but also how hard it is to quantify that passion. At the Reynolds Journalism Institute Nikki Usher argues that lack of hard numbers has led to a lack of investment in the sector. “And yet it’s local news that is suffering most and in need of the attention of VCs and others who can rethink how to recharge the profit and product of local news. VCs need to start taking risks on local news, for the sake of all of us, but with the potential for high return.”

In the Columbia Journalism Review Tamar Wilner writes, “Knoxville’s alt-weekly wasn’t losing money. It got shut down anyway.” The Scripps company is replacing the alt-weekly with an entertainment insert in the local paper. When the news got out, local people rallied in downtown Knoxville. Street Fight Magazine profiles a very different local news organization that is expanding from a news site to a platform for others to build upon and Street Fight offered 5 tips for the aspiring hyperlocal publisher. 


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