Editor's note: Recordly won the 2016 RJI Student Competition at the Reynolds Journalism Institute. 

Amidst all the changes occurring in journalism, one aspect of the reporting process has remained time consuming and expensive: transcription. 

After nearly two years of development, a group of current and former students at the University of Missouri have formally launched Recordly, a tool that aims to ease this long-standing problem so many journalists encounter.

The app allows reporters to simultaneously record, transcribe and highlight important passages of their interviews at a minimal cost. Recordly’s transcription services cost $2 per hour of audio after a user’s first hour, which is free.

“Recordly’s biggest strength is that it provides our users with tools for the whole interviewing process: from recording and annotating important parts within the app, to getting a fast transcription, and finally to sharing key quotes on social media or with colleagues to get the story out there,” said co-founder John Gillis.

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