As the sun sets on 2016, we take a look back at the biggest stories in digital media.

It’s been quite a year. As 2016 draws to a close, we’ll spend this episode looking back at the biggest digital media stories of the year. From Donald Trump’s shocking election and the rise of fake news to the love/hate relationship between social platforms and publishers, to the big push into video, we’ll cover the Top 5 stories of the year. Politico’s Alex Weprin will join us to talk about the big stories he’s covered, including the struggles of cable networks in the face of cord-cutting and skinny bundles, and the big merger between AT&T and Time Warner. Our Metric of the Year is video views, and a talk with CNET’s Connie Guglielmo about the year in cybersecurity and hacking, and the battle between Apple and Samsung.

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