A view of the Quartz news app. (Courtesy Quartz)

In the news this week, hate speech provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos loses a speaking gig at a conservative conference, loses his book deal and resigns from Breitbart over comments that seemed to condone pedophilia. And Facebook honcho Mark Zuckerberg continues to talk about the importance of local news, but what actions will he take? The Polk Awards for investigative journalism highlight the work at non-profit, digital outlets like ProPublica and Center for Public Integrity, as well as collaborations. Politico’s Hadas Gold joins us to talk about Milo’s resignation press conference, and how news anchors and journalists are playing into Trump’s battle with the media. Our Metric of the Week is “survey metrics” and we speak with Quartz executive editor Zach Seward, who explains why their chatty news app is finding success.

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