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Nick Bilton joined the podcast this week to discuss his book, "American Kingpin," about the Silk Road's founder and his capture

In the news this week, The Intercept received leaked documents from the NSA about attempted Russian hacking into U.S. voting machines, and the Feds revealed they had arrested the contractor who leaked the documents, Reality Leigh Winner, before the story was even published. Apple unveils a new smart speaker called HomePod, and a desktop ad blocker in Safari. Can they compete with Amazon Echo and Google Home? And as the U.K. elections are held there’s a renewed focus on the role of fake news and misinformation in Europe. We’ll tell you which countries have been hit hardest. Our Metric of the Week is ad-blocking usage, and author Nick Bilton, joins us to talk about his book “American Kingpin,” the story of how the Feds tracked down the Dread Pirate Roberts, the leader of the Silk Road online black market.

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