Jimmy Soni and Rob Goodman argue Claude Shannon is the most important genius you don't know. Here Shannon poses in front of his chess-playing machine. (Credit: The Shannon family)

We’re back! The MediaShift Podcast is starting out its Fall Season this week, so stay tuned for new episodes each Friday.

In the news this week, tech platforms Google, Reddit, GoFundMe and others deny service to those promoting hate speech in the wake of the Charlottesville violence. Has their neutral stance toward content changed? Storied alt-weekly The Village Voice ended its print run and went online-only in the latest hit for legacy media. And publishing platform Medium is trying out a new clap-for-pay model that compensates writers according to the number of virtual claps they get on their stories from paid subscribers. Our Metric of the Week is Local Impact, and authors Jimmy Soni and Rob Goodman join us to talk about their book, “A Mind at Play” about Claude Shannon, the most important information age genius you’ve never heard of.

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