Venture capitalist and former journalists Jason Calacanis joins the MediaShift Podcast to talk about diversity in tech, Uber's rough patch and why you shouldn't trust Facebook. (courtesy Launch)

In the news this week, the good, bad and ugly of those dominating tech giants. On the bad side, Google, Facebook, and Twitter were overrun by misinformation during the Las Vegas shooting, with alt-right sites and manipulators naming the wrong shooter. On the good side, Google announced it was ending its First Click Free rule for publishers with paywalls, allowing them to set the number of articles people can see for free via Google search and news. And on the ugly side, we learned more about how Russian-linked actors manipulated Americans in battleground states leading up to the election with targeted ads, fake accounts, and Facebook Groups. Our Metric of the Week is on hiatus this week due to the ONA conference, and we speak with angel investor and entrepreneur Jason Calacanis, to talk about the challenges for media companies, his new book “Angel” and diversity in tech.

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