King Kaufman joins the MediaShift Podcast this week to discuss his new podcast, "Can't Win 4 Losing." Photo by Lorraine O'Sullivan / Getty Images

In the news this week, a new Freedom House study found that 30 governments around the world had been spreading disinformation online and attacking the media, with 18 elections affected by misinformation online and on social media. The Daily Beast reports that a dozen current and former employees at Vice Media describe a culture of sexual harassment, with older men preying on younger female colleagues. Leaked correspondence between Donald Trump, Jr. and WikiLeaks give insight into coordination during the campaign, including WikiLeaks asking for Julian Assange to be made ambassador to Australia. Our first Collaboration of the Week, presented by Airtable, is the Paradise Papers and how they pulled off an incredible coordinated reporting endeavor with more than 300 journalists in 67 countries. Our Metric of the Week is Podcast Super-Listeners, and King Kaufman discusses his new podcast “Can’t Win 4 Losing,” which focuses on lovable losers in sports.

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