Steve Grove, head of Google News Labs, joins the MediaShift Podcast to talk the company's efforts to partner with news organizations. (photo courtesy Google)

In the news this week, Disney is in advanced talks to buy cable channels and a movie studio from News Corp., and James Murdoch is rumored to be a CEO-in-waiting at Disney if the deal goes through. Vice Media fired three men over sexual harassment charges, and holiday parties at Vox and other companies will be serving less alcohol to make sure employees don’t get into more trouble. Facebook suspends women’s accounts for saying that “men are scum” and “all men are ugly” leading to protests and a new site called “” Our Collaboration of the Week, presented by Airtable, is 100 Days in Appalachia, which covers an underreported area in American culture and politics. Our Metric of the Week is Paywall Metrics as the New York Times lowers free articles down to 5 per month, and Steve Grove of Google News Lab joins us to talk about the big ups and downs for the tech giant this year.

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