This week on the MediaShift podcast we’re joined by Izzie Lerer and YuJung Kim of the Dodo. They’ll tell us how the site started, how it’s changed now that it’s part of Group Nine Media, and how they’re approaching video on social vs broadcast.

In the news this week, fake followers on social media are under the microscope after an investigation by the New York Times found minor celebrities, media figures and even a Twitter board member had bought followers to boost their influence. Google started testing a new app called Bulletin that allows people to post photos and stories about their community that come up in Google Search and Google News. Will it help coverage or lead to more fake news? And streaming video companies made a big push to grab sports TV rights, but had a win and a loss this past week. Our Metric of the Week is Podcast Metrics, and our special guests are Izzie Lerer & YuJung Kim of The Dodo, a viral video site featuring animals that wants to make an impact with animal rights, too.

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