Report for America's first class: Will Wright, Molly Born, and Caity Coyne. (courtesy of Report for America)

In the news this week, the U.S. Congress doesn’t seem to be making much headway in regulating tech giants, so many states are stepping in and taking action. Facebook announces it will work with the Associated Press to debunk misinformation ahead of the mid-term elections, but will they be ready for the storm that’s coming? The Boston Globe plans to raise print subscriptions 80 percent to a whopping $1350 a year. Talk about sticker shock. Our Metric of the Week is Conversational Health, and Report for America co-founder Steve Waldman joins us to discuss the first round of reporters sent to cover local news — and do community service — across the country. They’re still taking applications until March 23 for the next round of reporters.  

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