In recent years, as wearable technology has become increasingly popular people have been waiting for Apple to introduce their version, which will start shipping today. It’s still too early to tell whether or not the Apple Watch will be revolutionary in the way that the iPod or iPhone were — or more of a Newton-like flop. But publishers aren’t waiting around to see. Many are developing apps for the new product. It’ll be interesting to see how publishers approach storytelling on such a small screen. The New York Times will attempt to convey stories in one sentence on its new app for the Apple Watch. The Washington Post’s strategy focuses on eye-catching photos to entice users to read the full story on their phones. CNN is hoping the ability to jump to their live feed on your iPhone will differentiate them from other news apps. The small form factor of the Watch might give rise to a new form of journalism some call “glance journalism.” We’ll talk about the future of news on your wrist on this week’s Mediatwits podcast, with guests Julia Beizer, director of mobile products at the Washington Post; Ricardo Bilton, staff writer Digiday; and Cindy Jeffers, CEO of We’ll also be joined by regular Andrew Lih at American University, with PBS MediaShift’s Mark Glaser hosting and Jefferson Yen producing.

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