The NewFronts are the digital publishing world’s answer to the Upfronts. If you aren’t familiar with the Newfronts, they are an opportunity for publishers to pitch advertisers on the value of their audience and tech platform. In the past, they were treated as somewhat of a sideshow, but this year they threatened to outshine the main event, with more than 30 publishers including the New York Times, Buzzfeed and Vox Media presenting — that’s 50% more than last year. And there was some news made at this year’s sessions. Yahoo announced that it’ll be adding 18 digital video series with big names such as Katie Couric, Naomi Campbell, and Michelle Rodriguez. Vox Media is also expanding its video section with new web series, including a new explainer video series called “Vox Pop.” Not to be outdone, Vice CEO Shane Smith announced the website would be producing 20 new series. Plus, BuzzFeed announced a complex technology called Pound to help gauge how stories spread online. We’ll take apart the NewFronts on this week’s episode of the Mediatwits with guests  Amy Gesenhues, reporter at Marketing Land; Jason Kint, CEO of Digital Content Next; Chad Mumm, creative director at Vox Media; and Michael Sebastian, media reporter for Ad Age. Mark Glaser will host and Jefferson Yen will be producing.

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