Kiva has been a star in online micro-finance for the past 10 years, and co-founder Jessica Jackley was a driving force that led to more than $744 million in micro-loans around the world, with an astounding 98% repayment rate. After leaving, Jackley went on to found the pioneering crowd-financing site for entrepreneurs, ProFounder, which was ahead of its time. Recently, Jackley recounted those efforts in the memoir, “Clay Water Brick,” an inspirational and instructional book for entrepreneurs around the world. But can micro-finance and crowdfunding work in journalism and media, where business models are in flux? We’ve seen a lot of crowdfunding in journalism, from TV shows to magazines to podcasts, such as the Radiotopia network. And there have been smaller efforts such as, with direct payments to journalists, and more recently at Beacon Reader, which charges monthly subscriptions to back projects on the site, often with matching funds. As advertising dollars continue to shift toward social platforms, will crowdfunded journalism provide a way forward? We ask our guests Jessica Jackley, co-founder of Kiva and author of “Clay Water Brick”; David Cohn, founder of and executive producer of AJ+; Dan Fletcher, co-founder of the Beacon Reader; and Khari Johnson, creator of Through the Cracks. MediaShift’s Mark Glaser will host, with Jefferson Yen producing.

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