Here at MediaShift, we write a lot about how media and technology intersect. The last couple of months we’ve talked about the importance of mobile technology, cable companies, social media platforms, and business models for funding journalism. Well, this next story ties it all together. We are, of course, talking about NBCUniversal’s decision to invest $200 million in both BuzzFeed and Vox media. They aren’t the only traditional media company looking to court millennials by investing in established new media brands. A&E Networks, a joint venture between Hearst Corporation and Disney, invested $250 million in Vice for a 10 percent share in the company. Here’s one reason why they’re doing this: these partnerships will allow A&E and NBCUniversal greater leverage when they deal with advertisers. But how do the upstarts explain their “unicorn” valuations north of $1 billion? Especially as the bubble is growing in Silicon Valley. We’ll ask our experts Eunice Shin, director for Manatt Digital Media; Alex Weprin, deputy media editor at Politico; and regular guest Andrew Lih at American University. MediaShift’s Mark Glaser will host, with Jefferson Yen producing.

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