The streaming media industry is still relatively young, but a recent story in the Wall Street Journal illustrates how the services are bringing massive change to the entertainment industry. According to WSJ’s Shalini Ramachandran, the executive producers of “Homeland” and 20th Century Fox studio are currently in a dispute with Showtime over streaming media rights. The point of contention revolves around episodes on Showtime’s Hulu channel. The channel allows subscribers to stream Showtime live and watch old episodes from the current season of shows, but the show’s producers don’t receive any of the subscription revenue. The producers are concerned the Hulu deal might affect their ability to sell streaming media rights in the future. This hasn’t been the only point of friction between streaming media and the television industry. In the Netflix deal for “How to Get Away with Murder,” ABC was able to add their logo to the start of every episode — something you don’t see on other shows unless the shows are Netflix originals. Major TV networks are also scaling back the number of ads they are showing to court younger viewers who are used to the ad-free experience on streaming sites such as Netflix. We’ll discuss these big changes wrought by streaming with special guests Eric Elia at Cainkade; John Heinsen, vice president of new media at the Producers Guild of America; Will Richmond, president of Broadband Directions LLC; and Andrew Lih at American University.

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