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Edson C. Tandoc Jr. recently completed his doctoral studies at the University of Missouri in 2013, and attended MU as a Fulbright Scholar.

Tandoc has an extensive international background and he is now teaching at the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

While studying at MU, Tandoc knew he wanted to pursue one of his passions, new media technologies used in news production. Tandoc and a co-worker at the Reynolds Journalism Institute (RJI) went on to publish some research that is sure to attract attention.

Tandoc discovered that reporters and editors in nearly major print newsrooms in the United States are finding Web analytics are an invaluable resource for making important everyday newsroom decisions.

Tandoc and RJI researcher Mike Jenner conducted a survey among 114 members of the American Society of News Editors to figure out the reach of Web analytics in newsrooms.


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