The future isn't the Web, it's mobile. What they said at MediaXchange.

Tom Rosenstiel“It’s all about local, walking around.”

— Tom Rosenstiel, executive director, American Press Institute.

“Mobile is anything untethered.”

“Mobile = moments of passion; highly engaged but momentary. You reach for the phone when information is transitioning. It's a habit to reach for mobile phone first.”

George Bell“Sports seems to be highest use of dual screens. Mobile developed fast, maybe 10x faster than the PC. Evangelism (has been) replaced by anxiety. There’s no time to catch your breath if you’re in content, advertising, creative. Get it right in mobile and then it’s easier to back it into TV or PC. It’s harder to get it done online and then move it to the phone. It's not innings in a game, it changing from baseball to soccer.”

— George Bell, president and CEO, Jumptap

Joe McCambley“Many (have) defaulted to the device that mattered most: iPad. Work the bugs out there, the business model, then look at moving to additional platforms.” (While Android devices are as ubiquitous as iOS devices, most mobile news consumption and revenue happens on iOS devices).

“We look for audiences, not devices. Platform should be as invisible as possible to advertisers and readers. iOS generally monetize 3 to 4 times more than Android, even though more traffic on android.”

“Native apps are best for speed, camera, geo-location, accelerometer, etc. Yet HTML5 is more affordable, may have more developers.”

“Phone: a task to be done, get something accomplished. Tablet: is a lean back reading experience. How can I help, not what can I sell.”

“The mobile ad problem is that the ads suck. They don't work. Mobile ads need better creative, to get results, be experiential, brand storytelling.”

— Joe McCambley, co-founder and creative director, The Wonderfactory

Heard more than once during MediaXchange

Engagement is not audience, it's content that is inviting and acted upon.

Engagement=emotional involvement or commitment.

In pursuit of success, find the passion points in your community and pursue them. Where there is passion, there is community and opportunity.

Brian Steffens  
Director of Communications


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