Who hasn’t wasted hours of precious time transcribing interviews? A new app, produced by a team from the University of Missouri, wants to make this onerous task a thing of the past. 

Launched for IOS and the Apple Watch on Oct. 6, Recordly combines an instant transcription tool with recording features. With the app, journalists are able to record interviews on their phone, control the recording with their Apple Watch if they want and receive transcriptions in minutes.

Based on IBM’s Watson artificial intelligence platform, the app provides a cheaper and timesaving alternative to other transcription methods such as contracted transcriptions, note-based apps (on average $15/hour) and manual transcriptions.

Anyone can try Recordly for free. After the first hour of recording, it charges $2 per hour of transcribed audio.

The app is easy to use. With one tap, journalists can record an interview, highlight and bookmark important passages, edit their drafts and send the transcription to their editors as well as share quotes on social media. Its integration with the Apple Watch allows reporters to leave their phones on a podium during a conference, for example, and control the recording from the audience. 

The app was the winner of the 2016 Reynolds Journalism Institute Tech Showcase Student Competition, which brought students together from different areas to create innovative journalism tools.

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