“News after newspapers,” OEN, June 24, 2009With the crisis of shrinking advertising revenues and dwindling profits that is facing our major newspapers, innovative new revenue ideas are emerging that promise to reinvent journalism in the age of the internet. One such concept was announced this week by Bill Densmore, director/editor of The Media Giraffe Project.

"I've joined with the Missouri School of Journalism's Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute and three collaborators to develop what we hope will be a part of the solution to sustaining journalism. It's called Circulate," says Densmore in an email to his friends and supporters. Colleague Martin Langeveld writes about the idea saying that Circulate will provide a method of billing subscribers for content but will differ from other systems that have been proposed because it will be "user centric" meaning that it will be designed to work with browsers and hand-held devices to learn and respond to user tastes and preferences so that it becomes a tool that intelligently automates the search process that many uses routinely use to select the news content they wish to read. The new venture's homepage is http://www.circlabs.com.

Densmore's idea is one of a class of solutions tagged Information Valets. Many of the new Internet billing schemes are driven by the news media's need to fund its operations and not by the consumer's need to get the information they want as easily as possible.

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