“Paying for news online — is this the beta model?” Chicago Reader blog, May 28, 2009. Young insurgents plan a conference in Chicago on the future of media, while newspapers' old guard huddles near O'Hare.

It's the "news wants to be free" crowd versus the "over our dead bodies" crowd. And hold the presses! Two more factions have just been heard from, and their loyalties aren't with free news either. Academia, as represented by the Reynolds Journalism Institute, based at the University of Missouri, has allied itself with Silicon Valley, as represented by CircLabs Inc., a new venture dedicated to "building a new service to finance online news."

According to cofounder Jeffrey Vander Clute, quoted in an announcement from the Reynolds Institute, "CircLabs has planned a suite of services, this first of which is code-named Circulate. Software development on Circulate is underway, and we anticipate launching the service during the second half of this year."

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