If you’re tired of the two most common ways to determine pricing and packaging – go with your gut, do what someone else did – our Pricing Optimizer tool offers a compelling new option. This online tool uses the statistical technique called conjoint analysis to get information from your readers on their willingness to pay, their preferences for bundled packages, and more. When the choices are made, our custom analysis will give you a very specific roadmap to create the ideal lineup of digital subscription products. You’ll be happy because you’re maximizing revenue. Your readers will be happy because they’ll be getting the content they want at a price they prefer.

Maximize revenue based on your subscriber’s choices

Pricing Optimizer gives you the confidence you need to launch or refine a major initiative like a digital subscription plan. Trying to figure out the best packages to offer can be tricky and adding the question of how much to charge can make the whole process extremely complicated. The Pricing Optimizer streamlines everything.

It can:

  • Develop packages based on customer preferences.
  • Determine “most preferred” pricing across print, online and mobile.
  • Apply a recognized statistical approach to key marketing decisions.
  • Provide other important insights based on customer feedback.
  • Help you maximize revenue and number of subscribers to all of your products.

Since every city has different demographics and every news organization has a different customer base, the Pricing Optimizer is designed to be fully customizable and generate recommendations that will specifically address your market.

For more information contact Brian Steffens, RJI comunications director, at steffensb@rjionline.org or at 573-882-8251.


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