Stacey Woelfel, news director at KOMU-TV, will embark on a new adventure this fall as the director of the new Jonathan Murray Center for Documentary Journalism at the Missouri School of Journalism. The new center was recently funded by a $6.7 million donation from documentary journalist and reality TV producer Jonathan Murray, who is also an alumnus of the School.Stacey Woelfel

Woelfel, who is also an RJI Fellow at the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute, has worked as the news director for KOMU, the University of Missouri-owned NBC affiliate, since 1990 and is looking forward to a different form of storytelling.

“I’ve been involved with telling stories with sounds and pictures and words for 30 plus years,” says Woelfel. “Two of the things that interest me the most is turning toward longer form. The average television news story is quite short. The fact that we have time to work with students in telling these stories in a longer and fuller way is very interesting to me.”

He said he is also intrigued about seeing the center grow from “an idea on paper into a program in which students will work, learn and grow.”

Woelfel was instrumental in helping develop the idea for the center. His involvement included holding discussions with Murray and other interested parties about what the center might look like, creating proposed budgets, developing a possible curriculum and determining equipment and lab needs.

As an RJI Fellow, Woelfel is studying second-screen engagement opportunities at KOMU-TV.

Kent Collins, a 2012-2013 RJI Fellow was also instrumental in making the new Center a reality. Collins is an associate professor and chairman of the Radio-Television Journalism Faculty at the Missouri School of Journalism.

Jennifer Nelson  
Senior Information Specialist


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