Two newsbooks recently added to RJI’s catalog

Hard LaborCracking the CodesEducators, students and the public can now access a collection of free newsbooks — e-books on a variety of timely, in-the-news subjects — from the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute’s website.

“Newsbooks fill an essential need for supplemental course materials that address current events in high schools and colleges,” said Roger Fidler, RJI’s program director of digital publishing.

Fidler initiated the Digital Newsbook Project at RJI in 2007 to help news organizations repackage and distribute their in-depth investigative and explanatory reports as e-books.

Since then Fidler and graduate student assistants from the Missouri School of Journalism have produced dozens of newsbooks in collaboration with members of RJI’s Digital Publishing Alliance, such as the Center for Public Integrity, The New York Times and Tampa Bay Times.

Fidler has designed the RJI newsbooks to be quickly downloaded and comfortably read on mobile devices, such as tablets, e-readers and smartphones, as well as on laptop and desktop computers.

Their visually rich presentation format blends the familiar characteristics of magazines and books. Most include photos, information graphics, and embedded hyperlinks to related stories, videos, and source materials found on websites.

While nearly all of the newsbooks showcased on the RJI website are free, Fidler believes e-books will ultimately provide news organizations with a significant revenue stream. A number of news organizations have already begun to produce and sell their own e-books through online bookstores.

To view the entire catalog of RJI newsbooks, click here. After opening individual newsbooks within a Web browser, they should be immediately saved for reading within applications that display PDF documents such as Adobe Reader and Apple Preview on personal computers, or iBooks and PDF viewer apps on iPads and other mobile media devices.

A peek at some of the latest RJI newsbooks

NEW: “Cracking the Codes (Center for Public Integrity) — This investigation documents for the first time how some medical professionals have used coding practices to drive up costs and collect billions of dollars in questionable fees.

NEW: “Hard Labor (Center for Public Integrity) — Each year, millions of American workers are hurt and sickened at workplaces, and many others are cheated of wages and abused. This investigation explores the threats to workers — and the corporate and regulatory factors that endanger them.

Telling the Truth and Nothing But (American Copy Editors Society) — “Practical guidelines for addressing plagiarism and fabrication within news organizations and journalism education.

Secrecy for Sale (International Consortium of Investigative Journalists) — A huge cache of secret files obtained and analyzed by reporters exposes the global impact of offshore tax havens.

Consider the Source (Center for Public Integrity) — This project seeks to “out” shadowy political organizations that have flourished in the wake of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling.


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