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Tools will help journalists tell immersive stories

There is a new renaissance in 3-D technologies and an increasing number of news organizations are using them to tell immersive stories. The technology landscape is rapidly expanding with new devices that can capture, create or display 3-D content. My team of graduate students, led by Ehsan Naderi and Michael Lam, at the University of Missouri’s Immersive Visualization Lab, has created a database of 3-D technologies.

The database, which was developed as part of a fellowship at the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute, contains more than 300 technology products. This database attempts to capture recent technologies as well as more established ones from a variety of disciplines including architecture and the entertainment industry. The database can be sorted in three ways:

  • By application areas.
  • By alphabetical order.
  • By device type, i.e., where they are used in the production workflow.

Details for each product include information about manufacturer, device type, main uses, key attributes and technology maturity.

We hope you find the database useful in multiple ways, and request your help in keeping the database up to date. Please bring to our attention new products that aren’t listed and point out any errors that need to be corrected. We also request your feedback and suggestions to make the database more user friendly.

Bimal Balakrishnan  
University fellow


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