The Reynolds Journalism Institute recently awarded 13 fellowships for the 2014-2015 school year, choosing projects that engage communities, grow news venue revenues and seek to make the most efficient use of new technology. Now funding its seventh class of fellowships, RJI has awarded a total of 51 fellows since 2004.

Standout projects include:
  • St. Louis Public Radio. Study of how news organizations engage community niche groups
  • Huckle Media. Research into how native advertising applies to smaller companies
  • Texas Tribune. A rapid "growth hacking" project, intended to spur digital audience growth.

RJI is also supporting two campus fellows at the University of Missouri, each focusing on new techology-oriented innovation. Associate professor of rural sociology Mary Grigsby is researching the effects of millennial mobile usage on news. Immersive Visualization Lab director Bimal Balakrishnan is exploring ways for journalism to make use of 3-D.

Six institutional fellows receive $20,000 and miscellaneous travel and other expenses to complete their projects. See the financial breakdown of each award.

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