This week we introduce you to some gadgets and tech trends expected to affect the reporting and delivery of news.

PART 1: New tools for mobile reporting

Greg Harper, president and founder of Harpervision Associates, presents five new pieces of technology that have the potential to make mobile reporting easier, faster and cheaper.

  • Google Glass: A computer worn on the head, much like a pair of eyeglasses. The internet-enabled device displays information in a user's line of vision and is operated through touch, motion and voice commands. Estimated cost: $1,500 (not yet available for purchase).

  • Livestream broadcaster: This device mounts to a camera to stream live HD video. It can be connected to a multi-camera video production switcher, or operate as a battery powered portable wireless encoder streaming via Wi-Fi or a G/4G wireless modem. Cost: $495.

  • Sony Video Backpack: This all-in-one kit is designed for video reporting in the field. It includes a compact professional camera, wireless mic system, headphones, Xperia Tablet, tripod, LED light and backpack. Cost: $5,399.

  • InReach satellite communicator: This device enables users to send and receive text messages and post to social media via satellite rather than a traditional cellular network, so reporters can send news from remote areas where there is no cell service or during crisis when cell service is shut down. It also provides satellite-powered GPS positioning. Cost: $249 for the components ($299 for the newer SE version), plus a $19.95 one-time activation charge and a monthly fee that ranges from $9.95 to $64.95 depending on the plan.

  • GoPro camera: A portable, waterproof camera that can be mounted easily to other objects to shoot footage from a variety of angles. Cost: $199-$399, depending on the camera model.

PART 2: Technology trends of the next 5 years

Earlier this month, Greg Harper visited RJI and presented “The Digital Dozen," his roundup of technology trends shaping not only the news business but all aspects of our lives. We give you an overview that outlines several of the trends that Harper sees on the horizon.

The video below is his entire hour-long presentation at the RJI Tech Showcase on May 1, 2013:

Reuben Stern  
Director of NYC Partnerships


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