In early 2012, just about a year ago, we invited a half-dozen people with a range of unique roles in the news production mix, to identify the most crucial challenges facing publishers at that moment in time. No enormous surprise: Money was the top concern. More specifically, a collective sense emerged that publishers could benefit from a roadmap of the many small steps needed to increase and stabilize revenue across the industry.

As 2012 drew to a close, we once more turned to these insightful people (listed to the right), asking each to share what he or she learned over the course of this chapter in the evolving story of journalism. We also asked a number of other leaders across the industry to share what they learned in 2012. You’ll see excerpts in this post, with their full stories offered as a series that will post over the month of January.

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2012: What we know now on the value of volunteers, intentional conversation and collaboration
February 1, 2013

As the final of our four-part series exploring “Was 2012 the year of prosperity for publishers?” — in this post we explore the value of volunteers, intentional curated conversation and connected collaboration for non-profit media.


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