Mickey MouseWe talk a lot in the hyperlocal industry about what the future of offline marketing and commerce will look like. Mostly it would seem to involve taking the advantages of online marketing and shopping (customization, personalization, analytics, actionable CRM data, etc.) and bringing them into the real world of retail stores.

Different players have been experimenting with different elements of this online-to-offline migration of technology, but the Walt Disney Company has really taken the ball and run with it.

Disney is hard at work transforming the guest experience at its various resorts using location- and preference-based technology. The company’s MyMagic+ system issues park-goers digital wristbands that tie into a web and mobile application, and are linked to users’ credit cards. Guests can use their wristband for things such as purchases, admittance to rides and attractions, hotel room access, ride queuing, and dining reservations (to name a few), while Disney can work on the back end to optimize guests’ experiences.

What Disney has created in their closed environment provides a guide to what we might be seeing in cities across the country in the near future, as retailers and tech companies try to use deeper levels of personalization to collect valuable consumer data, improve their businesses, and improve customer experience.

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Matt (Sokoloff) Broffman  
Residential fellow


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