Casey Nolen, host of Stay TunedCollaboration does not come easy — or quickly. It took RJI and the Nine Network (KETC-TV in St. Louis) hours of meetings, scores of emails and dozens of telephone calls.  We both wanted the same thing: a new genre of television journalism, expanding and diversifying the sacred "public forum" of good journalism by putting social media on steroids. But the details of that 'same thing' took all those hours, emails and calls. Here is what we developed, as written by KETC Executive Producer Amy Shaw.

Stay Tuned represents an effort by the Nine Network of Public Media and the Reynolds Journalism Institute at the University of Missouri School of Journalism to create a sustained community dialogue around the issues most important to our community while simultaneously creating a new way to create public affairs content.

What is Stay Tuned?

  • A live weekly production — Thursday evenings at 9 p.m. on Nine PBS — that relies upon participation from the community and a seamless integration of social media.
  • A new way to spur meaningful and authentic conversation in our community about the most important issues faced by residents.
  • A pathway for people to connect with what’s important to them and mobilize their time, talent and resources in ways that create change and impact in the community.

The principles of Stay Tuned

There is no savior coming to fix the problems faced by our local communities — the solution lies within each of us. Stay Tuned relies on participation from the entire community — the organizations that address key issues, the people who are impacted directly and those impacted indirectly.

Stay Tuned builds on public media’s role as a trusted convener — connecting people around the issues that are most important to them and their communities. It’s not just about a project or a single issue. Stay Tuned will focus on significant issues, trends and developments that affect our region. We’ll engage people with and around facts and perspectives that help them make decisions and solve problems and we’ll tackle controversial topics with courage. We’ll also challenge conventional wisdom and unsubstantiated assertions all the while meeting people where they are in ways they find useful and relevant. On-air, online and in the community, we’ll seek many thoughtful perspectives and provide information and discussion that will help people make good decisions — but we won’t decide for them.

What happens as a result of Stay Tuned

  • The community will better understand key issues, the impact on the local community, and the connection to the country as a whole;
  • The community talk more about key issues addressed by Stay Tuned;
  • More residents will participate in civic opportunities related to key issues; and,
  • As a result, the capacity of the individuals and organizations to address these key issues will be enhanced.

Stay Tuned debuted live on-air, online and in the community in Nov. 2012.

Kent Collins  
University fellow


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